Monday, April 16, 2012

IF - Puzzled

Here is the story of Bronton the bird.

All his friends call him "Watt," but until you know him better you can call him Bronton.
Is this the face of a Puzzled character?
Certainly not.
He's called Watt for a reason - he has an answer for everything and lights up like a lightbulb at a challenge.
He's read the dictionary front to back 7 times and has it memorized pretty much word-for-word.
In fact talking to him is like reading a dictionary. Or Thesaurus. Or Encyclopidia. 

Even when he hasn't read about it, he can make an educated guess to answer any question.
Who needs the World Wide Web when you have Bronton around?
Just ask Bronton.
But you might get more than you bargained for.

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  1. Nice! Great story and illustration.

  2. Bronton is cute and i love the color used here!

  3. He is so cute! And he does look extremely wise. I think it would be quite fun to have a chat with him. Maybe I could find out his favorite snack ahead of time, in case I need him to be quiet for a few minutes. ;)

    1. :) I love how you usually know my characters almost as well as I do! :)

  4. Hi CrazyLady! You are invited to join the new Monday's Mail ATC group. Trade your artwork with other talented artists from around the world. Can't wait to see the ATCs you come up with!

  5. Ha ha! He is so cute! (& smart!!) Love the story that goes with him! The dictionary page is a clever way to reinforce the story!

  6. Great character, cute piece! <3

  7. How sweet he looks with his big glasses and round head! I particularly like the close up because you can clearly see your mark making.

  8. Cute character!
    I need a little Bronton to help me with my english :)

    1. Ha.. I'm sure he would be *more* than happy to help.. in fact, I'm not sure you could get him to *stop* helping...... :)


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