Monday, April 23, 2012

He Would Go to Any Length... Or Height...

This is Fraz:
He is a sneaky little cat..
And he will go do any length... or height... to find new treasures for the ones he loves.
This is not a treasure (even if Fraz thinks it is):

This is the nervous little sparrow that is trying to blend in to his birdhouse.
I don't think it's working.

Although... that branch doesn't look so stable...

Colored Pencil on a 1928 dictionary page
3.5x2.5" ACEO
Created for the IF challenge: Height


Friday, April 20, 2012


So, here was yesterday's small hint:

And now it's time to start the giveaway!!! There are 3 ways to win prizes. The grand prize:

An upcycled, hand painted mug featuring Walter (the owl)

This mug has been hand painted with ceramic paint and coated with a satin clear coat.
It is dishwasher safe (though I would recommend hand washing) and oven safe (up to 350).
It has been signed "ALMI" on the bottom.

Enter by May 4 and get a chance to win one of 11 prizes!

Enter one of two ways:
Create a status announcing this giveaway, include the link to this blog post, and link it to my Facebook Page.
follow me @almiart
Tweet announcing this giveaway, include the link to this blog post, tag me (@almiart), and use the hashtags #giveaway and #illustration

Entering one of these ways will get your name into the drawing for the Grand Prize (Walter Coffee Mug)!
Entering with both Facebook and Twitter will get you into the drawing for the Bonus Prize!


Post a comment on my blog with the following information: 

1. How you chose to enter (Facebook,Twitter, or both)
2. What Twitter/Facebook user name you entered with (not everyone uses the same name for their Twitter, Facebook and blog - I just want to be sure I know who's correctly entered)
3. Why you want the Walter Mug
4. Which bonus print you would choose if you won the bonus prize (click here to see choices) - you will be able to change your mind if you win, I'm just curious and others might be too!
5. Who (if anyone) you heard about this giveaway from (they will get an extra entry)


Ten ACEO prints will be given away to the winners drawn in the Bonus Prize category!
Enter with both Facebook and Twitter, and your name will be entered in the giveaway.
The 10 winners drawn will get to chose from these ACEOs: click here!


One winner will be chosen to receive the walter mug! Winning the grand prize does not make you ineligible for winning a bonus prize (though you still must enter by both Facebook and Twitter to be eligible to for the bonus prize). Entering by Facebook, Twitter or both will get you the same chance to win the grand prize.
The only way to get extra chances to win this mug is by promoting this giveaway and having others mention they heard about it from you!

This giveaway ends in two weeks (11:59 PM on May 4, 2012), all entries must be in by this time.
I will post the winner's names on this blog, as well as through Twitter and Facebook. Prizes will be shipped out after the end of the giveaway, once the winner has been contacted and I have been given the correct addresses and any choice changes for the bonus prize.


Failing to correctly enter may cost you a chance in the drawing, so be sure to double-check! :)
Also, make sure you continue to promote this giveaway, as each person who lists you as their source of hearing about this giveaway will give you an additional chance to win!

Don't miss this special opportunity!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's Yours Is Mine, What's Mine Is... Mine.

Yay! Just finished a new set of hand-painted coffee mugs, and I'm really proud of them! I meant to take pictures of the process, but sort of got swept into working on them before I remembered. I did manage this:

And now you can check out the mug set:

You can see them for sale in my Etsy shop by clicking here.


Exciting piece of news! I'm going to be having a blog giveaway starting Friday. Here's a tiny sneak peek! (so get excited!)

Be sure to check back in to see more and find out how you can win the secret giveaway! And come follow me on Twitter @almiart !

Monday, April 16, 2012

IF - Puzzled

Here is the story of Bronton the bird.

All his friends call him "Watt," but until you know him better you can call him Bronton.
Is this the face of a Puzzled character?
Certainly not.
He's called Watt for a reason - he has an answer for everything and lights up like a lightbulb at a challenge.
He's read the dictionary front to back 7 times and has it memorized pretty much word-for-word.
In fact talking to him is like reading a dictionary. Or Thesaurus. Or Encyclopidia. 

Even when he hasn't read about it, he can make an educated guess to answer any question.
Who needs the World Wide Web when you have Bronton around?
Just ask Bronton.
But you might get more than you bargained for.

For sale in my Etsy Shop:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bronton on a Mug

A new illustration - a new product! Check it out at my Etsy Store.

Bronton is a brilliant little fellow. This sunny, summer day he is contemplating the garden, the flowers, and the effects of photosynthesis on the plants.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Etsy Mug

A new handpainted mug to add to my Etsy store! I had a lot of fun making this and I'm very proud of the result! I've been working on a lot of new things, and I need to start posting them!

This week's IF topic is "vocal." I had a hard time thinking of a scene for this, but finally chose to do these fish on this mug. I thought of it being a great conversation starter, and this is why it's a "vocal" piece. So far, everyone who's stopped by my house has certainly said something as soon as they saw it! :)

More Fish in the Sea
  Hand-Painted Ceramic Mug
  4.5" Tall

Here's the Etsy listing: