Saturday, July 14, 2012

FWMoA Chalk Walk 2012

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art holds a chalkwalk at the Three Rivers Festival each year.
It's a lot of fun - many artists participate - and I love being there!

It was a very hot day, and I'm a little (very) burned, but here is my square:


Every Saturday, for the next few weeks, I'm going to announce a new art piece or illustration I will be GIVING away!

This week's giveaway:
  Upcycled Art - An original colored pencil drawing on a 1930's dictionary page
  This Illustration will be cased in a clear, protective sleeve and sent by mail to the winner.

There a few very simple ways to enter this contest:

- Mention this Blog through Twitter, FB, or your Blogsite and then give me the link (you can leave it as a comment on this post or Tweet it to me). Don't forget to make me sound extra-great by telling your friends/followers something along the lines of: "Hey check out this crazy awesome illustrator..."

- Follow me on Twitter and tell your friends to follow me, "Wow... follow @almiart - she can draw!"

- Comment on this post and tell me something interesting, like "Sweet! I never knew what a Dormer window was until I read this illustration's background!"

For each way you enter you will get a chance to win this print! (So, if you want to rack up the entries, just enter as many ways as you can - post on FB, Twitter, blogs, comment here and you will be off to the races!) All entries will be put on a list and then I will use to draw the winning name.

Check back in at the end of the week to see if you won this print and what I'm giving away next!
This giveaway ends Friday, July 20th at 11:59 PM.

The whole point of these giveaways is to get some extra hype going for a project I will be announcing in a few weeks. If you enjoy my illustration, even the tiniest bit, or if you like free stuff - PLEASE get the word out and help me get this going!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Mug Giveaway WINNERS!


So, the time has finally come to announce the winners from the giveaway!
All entries were put on a list in the order they signed up, and then was used to generate number picks.

First up is the GRAND PRIZE winner of the hand-painted Walter mug:

Annnnddd it's HAPPYGRAPE! @happygrape2

Next are the following 10 winners of prints:
  1. Cindy @oxcindyxo
  2. Heather Peagler @bestgirkfriend
  3. Melanie Chan @MLCillustration
  4. Plantie Bee @Plantiebee
  5. Tara Lazar @taralazar
  6. Shawna @shawnajctenney
  7. Cathy Hatterman @catinhatt
  8. happygrape @happygrape2
  9. Lydia Ondrusek @littlefluffycat
  10. beadsofcambaydotcom @beads_of_cambay
Congratulations to all the winners and a HUGE thank you to all those who participated!
I will be contacting the winners to get print choices as well as mailing addresses!
You can follow me on Twitter: @almiart for the latest updates and announcements.

Look out for more giveaways to come - for the next few weeks I will be giving away ORIGINAL drawings every Friday! I have a huge project coming down the pike and I'm hoping to get lots of people paying attention to this blog before I make the announcement! So, stay posted!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What a Stretch...!

This week's Illustration Friday topic - Suspended

He thought up such a great plan.
Everything was set..but there was a slight hitch in the process.

Still undaunted, but slightly suspended from success:

Not sure how he will get out of this one, but as long as the cat stays away he will be fine.

I was going to add a background, but changed my mind...seemed like it might get a little busy and the tension would be lost. Working on this little mouse for my upcoming project... (still a secret!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tweeps, Marching Bugs, and a Very Long Nose

So, my blog posts have been a long time coming. I've been really sick and haven't done much over the past few weeks except check emails, Twitter and send out orders.

I have not forgotten about the giveaway, and will be drawing (and posting) the winners tonight!

Also, I have a HUGE project coming down the pike soon that I'm super excited about!
I'm not ready to show it off yet, but in the meantime I came up with a fun mini project:

I reached out on Twitter, asking my followers for illustration topics (@almiart) and promised the first three responses would be combined into an illustration for fun. The three topics Tweeted back were:

And here's the result!

Colored Pencil and Ink on Bristol Board.
A Lemur eating cooked rice, thinking about the strange hummingbird (notice the nose, mouth and eyelashes if you are wondering if the hummingbird's head is human enough), and not thinking about the ants making off with his lunch.

A fun project! Thanks to those who participated.