Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Etsy Mug

A new handpainted mug to add to my Etsy store! I had a lot of fun making this and I'm very proud of the result! I've been working on a lot of new things, and I need to start posting them!

This week's IF topic is "vocal." I had a hard time thinking of a scene for this, but finally chose to do these fish on this mug. I thought of it being a great conversation starter, and this is why it's a "vocal" piece. So far, everyone who's stopped by my house has certainly said something as soon as they saw it! :)

More Fish in the Sea
  Hand-Painted Ceramic Mug
  4.5" Tall

Here's the Etsy listing:


  1. Fun fish mug! I like how you tie it in to the vocal IF topic. Clever!

  2. Thanks for the comment:)You have a great style:)Love the mugs:)

  3. Glub-glubs for your glug-glugs! This is adorable! I love all the happy colors and can think of all the great conversations this can start. :D


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