Saturday, February 04, 2012

La Chat

A couple new finished pieces for your eyes to feast on!

These are a couple cats from my La Chat series. They end on eBay in 9 hours! :)

Cats are interesting subjects - intelligent but kind of funny. My husband HATES cats (aside from when I draw them, of course), but I think they are intriguing. He doesn't like their difficult attitude, but I kind of like their independence and sauciness. I have owned several cats growing up and one dog.

Give me some love and let me know what you think!


  1. Hello, nice to meet you! I love your Artwork!

  2. hi... I just came across your blogs. Love your artwork :). I'm a big colour pencil and cat fan myself but what I like most is the little bird. He's terrific. Cheers, Anchesa

  3. Thanks! Trauma - just saw you accepted my FB request, so, nice to meet you too! Anchesa - I LOVE colored into them at college and have been hooked since. :)

  4. Love these cats, so much personality. Great colors. And that little bird is hilarious.

  5. I think this cats have a lot of personality!!

  6. Thanks Cindy and Jose'! I really appreciate the comments!


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