Friday, February 01, 2013

IF Topic : Wheel

My Illustration Friday submission for this week:

Picking Out a Lawn Ornament, Colored Pencil and Ink on Bristol Board

Here's a little bit of the process:
Lately, I've been missing summer (I always miss summer as soon as Christmas is over...). This is a farmer character I've been working on. So, thinking about summer....and wheels..and yard art (who doesn't love yard art?)...I decided this farmer needed a pinwheel for his yard. Here he is picking one out.


  1. Haha! Very fun. I love the bright flamingos and the neat little garden area you created. My sister has a pink flamingo. She said she just needed it. I think I like gnome and fairy sorts of ornaments for the yard. Of course, getting one would involve putting some work into the yard. Which it needs. And which I keep saying I will do!

  2. I like the big goofy guy totally absorbed by this wheely windmill.

  3. I had originally thought to do something with a pinwheel but wasn't sure what. I think this captures it perfectly. Nicely done.


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